Our Services At On Target Home Inspections, LLC

Please check out all that we offer down below. We cover General Residential Home Inspections plus other additional and enhancer type services.

First and foremost we specialize in General Residential Home Inspections.  Our primary clients are home buyers that just made an offer on a home.  They are looking to ensure they are getting a home in good safe working order before they buy it.  We are first time home buyer friendly.  We’ll take the time to explain how your home works and explain any issues we may find with a home. We have your best interest in mind.

Annual Home Maintenance Inspections allow you as a home owner to see if there are maintenance problems that can be addressed.  Also you can receive recommendations for upgrades to your home for better safety and energy efficiency matters.

We offer Real Estate Pre-Listing Home Inspections for sellers that want to know the current condition of their home before they list it.  This gives the seller the opportunity to make any corrections to their property before they sell so there are no surprises during negotiations.

We are FAA Licensed for commercial drone use.  We prefer to physically inspect roofs during our inspections, however some roofs are simply too steep to safely walk on to inspect.  We are still able to get the high definition video and photos needed to inspect roofs for defects.

We are certified in manufactured, mobile, and modular home inspections.  Yes!  Even manufactured homes can receive quality home inspections!

We are certified for Infrared (IR) Thermography.  IR technology allows us to see differences in temperature to determine if there are issues such as water leaks, moisture intrusion or energy loss while looking at an item in a home inspection.

We will travel to remote rural areas.  One complaint we have heard amongst home buyers that previously bought a home in the countryside is that either “home inspectors will not come out this way” or “it takes too long to schedule a home inspection out here”.  We are more than comfortable heading out to the rural areas for home inspections.